Hannon’s voice is soulful, brooding and unselfconscious in its longing, with many of the songs in her set exploring themes of wistfulness and introspection Yet it wasn’t all melancholy; Hannon can also swing with the best of them…full-bodied, lyrical vocal… effortlessly riding the beat and coming in to land gracefully at the finish. (Jazz Journal)

Occasionally confrontational, occasionally sweet and always committed, this singer never fails to create an electric atmosphere.

Drawing inspiration from opportunities working with such jazz luminaries as Bobby McFerrin, Sheila Jordon and Ian Shaw, the unique and emotionally uncompromising vocal style of Lindsay Hannon is garnering plaudits from audiences nationally and internationally.  

Recently selected to represent the North East’s jazz community for the EU commissioned  ‘Singing Cities’ touring project, she performed and collaborated with musicians from Norway, Germany and Belgium.  The Lindsay Hannon Plus are also part of Jazz North’s ‘Northern line’ programme. They are currently playing festivals and jazz clubs around the UK.